Colorado 2012 – The trip across the plains

We hooked up the camper and headed out bright and early. We’ve traveled this path a dozen times at least. I-70 all the way. In the past when Chris worked, we would leave after work or, in later years at noon. Since we cannot make it in one day we decided to break the trip in two and try to land some place at a decent hour to spend the night.

After driving all day we stopped at the Mill Creek RV Park. A small place located in Paxico, Kansas. It was clean and neat with full hook ups. The owner made a big deal about their storm shelter and he fact he didn’t think we’d be needing it that night. Most of the rules on the hand out they gave us dealt with the storm shelter and when to head for it. That was a first. Yes Dorothy, we are in Kansas. We relaxed outside the camper in the shade of the cottonwood trees before dinner.


After dinner we wandered the campground. There were a couple of cabins on wheels you could rent.


Bill-you have that extra hay wagon and Jamie would like a cabin. What do you think?


Then there was the quaint outhouse. We don’t know if it was operational.

Next day we pulled out as the sun was coming up.Image

In western Kansas there are vast field of wind turbines. Normally they are spinning like crazy, but on this day they were all still. Come to think of it, this is the first time it hasn’t been windy while traveling across Kansas.Image

We stopped at the Cathedral of the Plains, a church build by German immigrants in 1912. You can see the twin towers for miles around. Image

We had a late lunch at the I-70 Café, in Flagler, Colorado. It stands out all by itself with a couple of pink Cadillac cars announcing the exit. There is even one on a giant pole. You cannot miss the place. Grilled cheese and “world famous” chili. Image

We hit Limon, Colorado where the various roads divide to the various places on the front range. We continued straight west on a local road and passed through several small towns. Passed a bar with two horses parked in front. We guess this is the Colorado version of the scooter that folks in Terre Haute use when they have lost their license to drive. Either that or there is no riding while intoxicated law. Image

Finally we landed at Chatfield State Park and found our campsite. We were set up in about 10 minutes. We hoisted our flags for the first time. We don’t miss the hour-long set up and take-down we used to have with the pop up camper. It was sunny and warm the entire trip and it was a beautiful evening camping next to the reservoir and we were glad to be camping at 5,500 feet.


From the foot hills,

Airstream Travelers,

Chris and Melinda


About AirstreamTravelers

A 2016 Pendleton Airstream suits our lifestyle perfectly. It's a commemorative edition celebrating the 100th anniversary of our national parks. In our efforts to see as many of those parks as we can, the two of us are now spending several months each year on the road. We hope our posts and accompanying photos give a vivid description of where we travel, illustrating to our followers what's out there, just over the next horizon.
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