About Us–Chris and Melinda Wall

After retiring 5 years earlier from teaching art, Melinda set about to refine her Travel Bucket List so that when Chris took the retirement plunge we would be ready to set out, to live the new life that we had been anticipating through the years of employment.  We share a love of traveling, of seeing new places and  being at home in different surroundings by camping in all those places.  With the limited vacation time we were given in our jobs, we had been able to travel only as far as the Colorado Rockies, which soon became our adopted state.  Most summers found us out there, exploring, hiking, fishing and photographing.  Sometimes we ventured into Wyoming’s mountains—the Tetons, the Bighorns and the Snowy Range.

But we knew that other places were out there.  We just needed the time to reach them.  The spring of 2011 was the pivotal year.  We moved up the RV ladder and purchased a new Airstream trailer, replacing our pop-up camper that had given us 10 good years.  Chris retired from the law practice in March and Melinda was packing up.  One place on her bucket list was about to be marked off.  Time would no longer be a limiting factor.  Six weeks in Arizona would be a good start to learn about a place and explore its diversity of regions.  We hit the road one week later . . . driving toward new horizons, to explore and come to know a place in depth.

We were ready to live the motto . . .  See More, Do More, Live More.



One Response to About Us–Chris and Melinda Wall

  1. Harvey Seidenberg says:

    Chris, Melinda…Finally had a chance to review your blog and journal. Didn’t realize how extensive your travels have been. Continued enjoyment (and safe travels) to you both…HAS

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