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An Airstream Flying Cloud suits our lifestyle perfectly. The two of us are now spending several months each year on the road. We hope our posts and accompanying photos give a vivid description of where we travel, illustrating to our followers what's out there, just beyond their horizons.


Sometimes there are places that just don’t grow old for us.  To the outsider, it might appear that we’re in a rut, stuck in the same routine.  I see it as more like a rejuvenation, a restoration of our spirit.  … Continue reading

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COLORADO SPRINGS—Was This To Be the End?

We had literally come full circle.  It had been just two months ago that we were pulling through Colorado Springs on our way to our first destination—the town of Manitou Springs.  I had really wanted to stay here in the … Continue reading

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–but don’t spread the word “OFF THE BEATEN PATH” is a common phrase; you might even think it’s overused.  I could be guilty of doing that, every now and then.  Although, In the case of our next destination, it just … Continue reading

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GREAT SAND DUNES NAT’L PARK—A Whooooole Lotta Sand!!

Their appearance was exactly that of the sea in a storm [except as to color] . . . not the least sign of vegetation existing thereon. –Zebulon Pike, 1807 during his expedition to take possession of the Southwest for the … Continue reading

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AROUND PAGOSA SPRINGS, being chased by summer monsoons

We were dragging our feet as we made our way east.  True, we were still in Colorado, but east meant putting more mountains behind us rather than ahead .  .  .  east meant that much closer to Indiana.  Sooner or … Continue reading

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CREEDE—Holy Moses, thar’s silver in them thar hills!!

Pre-Post Note:  As some of you already know, Chris & I are back home in Indiana now.  Our time in Colorado was everything we had hoped for, but as I’ve written before when our travels conclude—“All good things must come … Continue reading

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DURANGO, Part 2—All Aboard!

This wasn’t our first time in Durango or even our second.  For at least three times—maybe four—we’ve taken in the attractions of this iconic western town and never been bored.  But one thing we always skipped, talked about but never … Continue reading

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DURANGO—Good Memories Made Here

About halfway between Silverton and Durango, which happened to be our next destination, the highway climbs up to nearly 11,000 feet at Molas Pass.  From a highway overlook travelers will have a wonderful panoramic view of the mountains in the … Continue reading

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SILVERTON—And the Adventure Continues . . .

The town of Silverton is not a refined town.  Unlike the other San Juan mountain towns, it is by no means gussied up.  What you see it what you get—only its main street is paved, restaurants are local cafes and … Continue reading

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SILVERTON—The Heart and Soul of the San Juans

It was time to be streamin’ on.  Ridgway had been a great base camp for tasting the San Juans.  But that was just the appetizer .  .  . now we would get onto the main course.  Today we were headed … Continue reading

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